Ben Jennings

On Faith and Biodynamics

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This week was both eye-opening and intense. Never have I come to so many realizations in such a short amount of time. Intro to Biodynamics  We began the week with a farm visit to Peace and Plenty, a small homestead that practiced permaculture and biodynamics. The day was spent with typical farm work, such as clearing the fields for winter and sorting the harvest. Viewing the processes of permaculture and how interdependence increases productivity was exciting in and of itself. It wasn’t until the end of the day, where we began…read more

Heaven is a Potluck in Paonia

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Hey there and let me just start off by saying thank you for following my blog. This is going to be a year filled with growth, exploration, adventure, and passion. I’m so glad to be bringing you along for the ride. These first two weeks at Dev’s High Desert Gap Year have been packed with events. To summarize a few my ventures, I’ve climbed East Beckwith Mountain, slaughtered both goats and chickens, learned to be comfortable on the dance floor, helped out picking fruit on orchards, and celebrated the wedding of…read more