Hey there, my name’s Ben Jennings.

I’m a freelance web developer. I was raised in Reno, Nevada and continue to live there. Digital privacy and design are just a few things that drive my passions. I strive to involve myself with positive direct action groups and non-violent communication communities. I make music in my free time, as well as consuming every book I can get my hands on. 

I’m unschooled, meaning that my school process consists of learning through experiences and being outside of a typical classroom setting. Self-directed learning is an important thing for me, due to the strong values I put on independence and autonomy. I began this path in 2015, after experiencing a deep frustration towards the public school system and the infantilization of its pupils. After participating in the Adventure Semester in late 2015, I fell in love with intentional communities and the close-knit, loving environment they create. Yearning to return, I took my GED and joined the High Desert Gap Year 2016.

One large influencer of mine is Human Rights Watch, an organization that publishes journalism on human rights issues throughout the world. A goal of mine is to get an internship with them. Another of the many influencers I have is The Holland Project, a local Reno youth art collective. The passion with which they get the community involved in art and culture is inspiring and pushes me to create and invent.